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Feher seat cooling and heating patents VTS1, 2, and 3 are licensed exclusively to Amerigon, Inc. for OEM automotive. The aftermarket seat cooling and heating cushion patents are available for license. The aftermarket seat cushion may be configured for office chairs, recliners, and virtually any other form of seating.

OEM seat cooling and heating improvement patent licenses are available for other seating applications such as office chairs, recliners, etc., in which the technology is built into the seating product.

Licenses for the other products are available, except for the blanket, which was licensed to Augustine Medical, now known as Arizant Healthcare, until the expiration of the patent.

The Air Conditioned Helmet, (ACH), has been licensed for motorcycle helmets to Relevant Technologies, located in Hyderabad, India and London, England, for sale in India and the UK. Licenses for the US and other markets are currently available.

The Air Conditioned Motorcycle Jacket, (ACJ), issued patent, plus additional patents to be filed, is currently available for license.